World News


What is the Gliesians News Aggregator?

Gliesians interactive news is map based news where all registered users can post news to an interactive map. Each post creates a marker with an selectable info window. The info windows provides links to articles and social sites with associated hashtag words. Markers can be filtered based on dates and hashtags.

Can achievements be awarded based on user activity?

Yes, users can achieve badges for there contributions. These badges will be added to users pages once they are achieved.

Can anyone become a moderator for a map?

Anyone can ask to become a moderator, and if there is a need, one may be approved to be a moderator. Moderators watch over the posts making sure that illegal, inappropriate, misplaced or SPAM is not added to the website, and will either remove or move the information themselves or will notify the Webmaster to have the information removed or moved if need be.