Metaphone Code Calculator

A metaphone uses information about variations and inconsistencies in English spelling and pronunciation to produce a more accurate encoding. These encodings can be used in genealogy searches that support metaphones.

Metaphone Generation

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Metaphone Comparision

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Metaphone Conversion Rules

These are the rules the produce metaphone codes from English words.

Conversion Rules
Duplicate adjacent letters except for CDrop
Word begins with KN, GN, PN, AE, or WRDrop first letter
BDrop if after M at end of word
CX if followed by IA or H (unless part of -SCH-)
S if followed by I, E, or Y
K in all other cases
DJ if followed by GE, GI, or GY
Otherwise T
GDrop if if followed by H and H is not at the end or before a vowel
Drop if followed by N or NED and is at the end
J if before I, E, or Y, and it is not in GG
Otherwise K
HDrop if after vowel and not before a vowel
SX if followed by Q, IA, or IO
GX if followed by IA or IO
0 if in TH
Drop if followed by CH
WHW if at beginning
Drop if not followed by a vowel
XS if at beginning
Otherwise KS
YDrop if not followed by vowel
VowelsDrop unless at beginning of word