Earlobe Prediction Calculator

Enter earlobe phenotype data for each parent using the drop-down menus. Click 'Enable Grandparents' to enter phenotype data for the P2/'grandparent' generation and see trait inheritance probabilities for both parents.

Probabilities will automatically update along with the phenotype data. Note that probabilities marked as 'Hypothetical' reflect the probabilities of any given offspring of the subject's parents inheriting the respective traits, i.e., are independent of the subject's actual phenotype.

See the 'Results' output at the bottom area of the application for information on the given trait pattern's compatibility with the model. The model used by this application assumes Mendelian inheritance, which among other things rules out the possibility of a subject inheriting a dominant trait from parents who both display a recessive trait. N.B. As human genetics is obviously far more complex than this, this approach is far from foolproof. Please bear this in mind when making use of these results.

Parents (P1 Generation)

Child (F1 Generation)

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