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Dry Air Density Estimates
Description Air Density Degrees Celsius Pressure
Coldest recorded temp 1.906 -88.0 1013.25 hPa
Extremely Cold Day 1.514 -40.0 1013.25 hPa
Very Cold Day 1.383 -18.0 1013.25 hPa
Freezing point of water 1.292 0.0 1013.25 hPa
Cool Day 1.246 10.0 1013.25 hPa
Room temperature 1.199 -21.0 1013.25 hPa
Beach weather 1.164 30.0 1013.25 hPa
Body temperature 1.138 37.0 1013.25 hPa
Hot Bath 1.127 40.0 1013.25 hPa
Warmest recorded temp 1.066 58.0 1013.25 hPa

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